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Welcome to our wild and wacky tribe! Sapphire Leadership Group is a think tank founded by Arthur Burk and based in Southern California, with offices in 7 nations.

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Here are a few reports from some of the parents whose children participated in our first two test groups:
"He finally trained his bowel movements about 1 week after the blessings started. That is something that we had been working on for months and months. This was a huge victory and there have been no accidents since then."
"He is generally more loving and cooperative since starting the recordings. He has given unsolicited hugs and expressed gratitude to me."
"His case manager came to look over his progress. Based on last year's report, she said, 'I'm looking at a totally different kid.' He's made a lot of progress."
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With thousands of autism forums already out there, why do we need one more?

Because we want to combine the best practices from the existing resources with the power of the human spirit to heal in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

This forum can be read by anyone, but only 3 groups of people may join the discussion:

-Those of any age on the ASD spectrum who are actively experimenting with new ideas.

-Parents of ASD kids still at home who are actively experimenting with new ideas.

-Medical personnel who are actively experimenting with new ideas regarding ASD.

See a pattern?

This is not for entry level people or those who are settled into the standard protocol. For those who have already demonstrated a refusal to be powerless, we would be honored to have you add the wisdom of your journey to our brainstorming.

We're forming small groups to run trials of different spiritual techniques, as we seek to find the right paradigm for combining spirit, soul and physical protocols into a uniquely crafted package for each child.

Here are our jumping in points:

1) Digestive issues

2) Epigenetics

3) Methylation

4) Thalamus

To contribute to the forum, send an email to sharing about your specific, hands-on involvement in ASD and the areas where you have researched and experimented already.

Watch our YouTube playlist: ... KKWtnmd2EQ
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    Anyone may read, but only those who are hands on with autism may post. Once you have registered, send an email to and share briefly what your connection is with autism. Are you a doctor, therapist, relative, care taker or teacher?

    As soon as your request is approved, the status of your membership will be changed and you will be able to post comments, but not start new topics.

    Over time, the quality of your comments on the forum will result in privileges being increased or decreased.

    This is not FB where self-expression is the main metric. This is a research forum and our objective is to develop functional protocols to help our kids. Quality of content is central.

    Watch this helpful Video Demo Tour from Jenny to get started and make your forum experience easier:
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  • Digestive Issues
    First step in any autism protocol is to address the digestion. At present, we see two major issues.

    A high functioning digestive tract is essential for producing the neurotransmitters that drive the brain. Disruption in the gut has a cascade effect on a person’s cognitive skills and their emotional equilibrium

    A leaky gut puts a lot of junk in the blood stream that overwhelms the immune system.

    The current paradigm calls for eliminating a lot of foods from the diet. This certainly is a proven method for quick results, but we are uncomfortable with the idea of a lifetime sentence of limits on eating.

    At present we are not quite sure where to go with this spiritually, but an elimination diet represents a work-around, not healing.

    Our first focus will be on the leaky gut. We see this as a boundary issue and there are a LOT of truths in Scripture about boundaries. We think working with the spirit to rebuild this barrier should be doable.

    In our discussion, we want to find two things from you.

    Our first focus is on what works. Let’s have a robust discussion of the protocols you use and the results in your kids.

    But of equal interest are the things that did NOT work. If you have a child who did not respond at all to a standard change in diet, or responded negatively, that data would be extremely interesting. We find great treasures in the exceptions.
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  • Epigenetics
    Forget the fancy term. What we are looking at is switches.

    A gene can have a number of binary switches built in. Binary means they are either in go or no-go position.

    Some researchers are reporting that people on the ASD spectrum have switches set in a sequence that is different from non-ASD people.

    The research is pretty primitive at this stage. There is no specific proof that if switch X on gene Q were in the go mode, instead of no-go, something good would happen in the human body.

    However, the difference between the two populations certainly suggests that this is worth trying to fix.

    Think of it this way.

    Autism is puzzling because there is not one specific thing that is clearly identifiable as “the cause” because “it” is broken. Rather there are systemic malfunctions, many of which are mild, but when taken together produce aberrations because of the multiplied effect of one system malfunction on another.

    We know there is a template in heaven with the right switch positions for each cell in each person’s body. The question is whether we can correct switch settings through spiritual work.

    Can’t hurt anything, and if we can indeed correct the flow of information on the genetic level, that would be an exciting bit of movement.
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  • Methylation
    In the myriad chemical transformations in the body, a methyl group often is required to complete the process. The methylation cycle in our body is integrally connected to the manufacture of ATP which is the body’s most generic energy form.

    For reasons we do not know yet, there is a consistent lack of methylation in ASD kids. At present, it is remediated with methyl B12 shots. They are inexpensive and self-administered in many cases.

    While this can meet the body’s need for the raw materials to manufacture sundry components in the health cycles, it is still a work-around.

    We are reading medical sources, trying to suss out the root of the matter.

    If we can find - or intuit - the root cause of the body not having enough methyl for the normal chemical reactions, we certainly would explore spiritual means of addressing the root, instead of doing a work-around.

    We would love to explore how even or uneven the effects are for those doing the methyl B12 treatment.
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  • Thalamus
    The thalamus is one of the data editors in the brain.

    Much of the data from four of our senses (not the sense of smell) and the proprioceptors is routed through the thalamus before it goes to the different cortices in the brain for action.

    In non-ASD people, we have had some success in having the Holy Spirit and the human spirit collaborate on recalibrating the thalamus so that the data coming in is not distorted before arriving at the processing center.

    It will be interesting to see if we can use similar tools for ASD kids to reduce the over-stimulation problem that some kids face.
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  • MTHFR Test Group
    We have a theory about the MTHFR gene and would like to do a test with blessings in May. We are currently recruiting people who want to be part of this first round.

    We are not medical professionals, but from our perspective, it seems possible that most ASD kids have problems with this gene. Some have had a test that proves it, but many have not. For this round, we would like to test ASD kids who KNOW they have this genetic mutation.

    MTHFR is not limited to the ASD population. We are interested in running this first trial with some non-ASD adults who have this mutation.

    If you are in either group and would like to participate in a six week trial of listening to blessings for your spirit and body, please contact before April 30th.
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  • Forming New Test Groups: Want To Volunteer?
    Do you want to volunteer for one of our upcoming test groups?

    Each of our test groups have different criteria, parameters and responsibilities, but there's a good chance your child (or you) may fit what we're looking for.

    Click through this subforum to learn about our next test group openings and see the criteria for participating.

    If you have questions or want to volunteer, email and let me know which study you qualify for, sharing any pertinent details.
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